Life on the Road


After the bus is all packed with both equipment and the personal items needed for almost three months on the road, we pull out of the driveway ready for the first week of ministry. Once we arrive, the bus has to be leveled and hooked up so that we can live in it. Then we can focus on setting up the equipment, reading through scripts and running through the program. Practice takes up most of our time for the first couple of weeks. It is exciting to do the VBS program or the camp chapel each day and see the boys and girls respond in a variety of ways to the things that we are teaching! But after each program, there is more set up, script-reading and practice before the next one. At the end of the week, it's time to pack it all up, get the bus ready for travel and go to the next place. Sometimes there's a day off, but most weekends are spent traveling to the next destination and setting up for the next week.

Here is a list of travel-related experiences, some enjoyable and some that aren't!

Meeting new people

Re-connecting with people we've met before

Trying to find a working outside water spigot on the church building

Plugging the electric cord in and blowing a breaker

Connecting directly into the electric panel (Jeff's an electrician so it's safe!)

Carrying all the equipment in to the church or camp chapel…sometimes not so close to where we parked the bus!

People coming alongside to help us carry the equipment in and/or waiting around long enough to help carry it back out.

Needed rain…the minute the equipment needs to be unloaded!

Coordinating with the church people who have their cars parked along the curb to pull out just as the bus pulls up so that no one else parks where we need to pull the bus to unload!

Laundromats--'nuff said!

Fast food

Cooking on the grill

Visiting people in their homes or with them over a meal in a restaurant

Being able to have time together as a family

Working together as a family

Taking grandchildren with us

Being treated to some outdoor activities or special events.

Learning the best places for groceries in each new place

Having a hard time finding the time to do things like grocery shop, do laundry, do personal business, or clean the bus.

Repairing and maintaining vehicles or equipment while on the road

Learning to lock up the bus, car and car caddy while in the city (Remember, we live in the woods!)

Doing personal and/or ministry business on a laptop using the internet

Preparing for a new year of school while still on the road

Hearing the children answer questions and KNOW they were listening and learning!

Praying with a child who recognizes their need for a savior and gladly asks Jesus to forgive them.

 Whether the things are enjoyable or not, it is all worth it when we remember that we get the privilege of teaching the gospel to children and seeing them learn and give their lives to Jesus!


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