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Team Sees Potential for Ministry Expansion with the Opening of Bus Conversion Project


Traveling for 10-12 weeks in a mini-van pulling a trailer can be a challenging adventure -- especially when you’ve blended families and two of your members are under the age of five.  This is the challenge for Nicole Bielawski, Juliana Carlson, and the Knobloch family. Then the challenge extends to your locations of ministry as churches and camps seek to provide housing.  But the generous donation of a tour bus has brought new possibilities to the table. The project: Take a tour bus and convert it into a big motorhome equipped both for living space and for transporting ministry equipment.  The idea is not a new one.  This has been the transportation of choice for years at God’s Helping Hands -- and one that has proven to open doors of opportunity in otherwise inaccessible places while providing a more consistent environment for our missionary families. All that is needed now is finances and good ol’ elbow grease (along with some renovation know-how!)  Phase 1:  Convert the new bus into a living space for the Knobloch family.  Phase 2: Acquire and convert a large trailer (sometimes referred to as a “toy hauler”) into living accommodations for two single women.  Estimated financial need: $34,000.  Those interested in donating to this special project can do so by sending a gift with a separate note attached reading “Bus Project”.  

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