So...What Do You Do?

“So…what do you do?”

This is a great conversation starter, isn’t it? The answer can tell us something about the person, and upon hearing the answer we can then follow up with all sorts of queries.

“Finance, huh? So what do you think about the economy?”

“A stay-at-home mom? That’s a busy job! How old are your kids?”

“A fireman you say? Does it get hot in that suit?” (It does not always follow that our questions will be intelligent ones!) 

For those of us who work at God’s Helping Hands, the responses we get from people asking us the “what do you do” question are varied, unique, and often memorable! Our line of work is a little out of the “norm!” And depending on who in the ministry you ask, you may get a slightly different answer.

“I’m an artist… a children’s worker…a writer…an office manager…a puppeteer.” But always, “I’m in full-time missions to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boys and girls.”

“Oh!” people say. “That’s…. different! I’ve never met a puppeteer before. A missionary? How does that work? How do you get paid? Where do you do that…that…what you do?” 

Talk about conversation starter! 

But maybe you want to know more. We often find that even people who know in a general sense what we do would like some more specific information. And one thing folks frequently want to know is, “How does one of your stage programs work?” 

Good question! 

There are so many different circumstances, situations, needs, events, etc., that it is somewhat tricky to give you a “typical” program, but most of our programs are in some way, shape, or form a derivative of our 5-day Vacation Bible School programs – so we’ll describe one of those.

If you were to join us for one of our VBS programs, you would be in for two of the most jam-packed, Bible-driven, fun-filled hours in your memory. And fast! The hands of the clock just seem to spin on their axis! 

First we begin with prayer. God is the reason we are there -- what better way to begin than by inviting Him to join us? 

Next comes a remembrance of three things that make such a program possible and we do that through pledges. The Pledge to the American Flag: freedom in this country to worship God. The Pledge to the Christian Flag: freedom in Christ. The Pledge to the Bible: the very place where God teaches us about how to live in that freedom. 

In a Vacation Bible School setting we love to generate excitement through some friendly competition. Earn points for your team by bringing a Bible, learning a memory verse, and bringing a friend! Maybe it’s “Dress like a Bible Character” Day. Did you remember to grab your Dad’s bathrobe so that you could be a shepherd? 

God’s Word. It is a lamp to our feet. It is sharper that any two-edged sword. It is food for our soul. And it is the anchor of any program done by God’s Helping Hands. Our programs are very thematic and are usually centered around a specific passage of scripture which we take time to carefully teach.

Everyone loves to sing! Incidentally, puppets include themselves in that “everyone.” So out come a couple of our better-known puppets to lead us in the singing of songs that reinforce our theme. These puppets are consistent not just through a series of programs, but usually through years of time meaning that kids come to recognize them, identify with them, and inquire after those puppets by name. 

We at God’s Helping Hands love to find unique ways to present the unchanging truths and stories of the Bible. And so at this point in the program you may see some ventriloquism, a fascinating illustration using food coloring, building blocks, and a dollar bill, a black-light chalk presentation, or a drama featuring several different characters all done by one person utilizing a slew of hats. Whatever the Bible story presentation is, you may be sure that it will include a clear presentation of the Gospel. Everyone present will hear the truth that each person needs to be saved from their sin if they are to receive forgiveness and the gift of everlasting life. 

We usually take a break at this point. But it’s not just good for stretching or getting the wiggles out. It’s also a great opportunity for the GHH team to make itself available to counsel with individuals who need to make a decision for Christ, want more information, or simply need to talk to someone. 

One hour is gone – but don’t go away! Another hour is about to begin! 

To start off our second hour, why don’t we have a little quiz game, or perhaps a Bible drill? These will help to reinforce all of what was taught in the first half and prepare our minds for the truths about to be presented in the second half.

The full puppet presentation! Many have just been waiting for this part of the program and we trust it was worth the wait! Funny, surprising, entertaining and thought-provoking, the God’s Helping Hands puppets are ready tools in the hands of the puppeteers who, in turn, are ready tools in the hand of the Lord to convey His truth in a way that is memorable and accurate. 

Then a little wrap-up and it’s all over! That is, until next time…!

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