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Shirley Friedl

Shirley Friedl continues to serve in this ministry that she and her husband, Bob, co-founded in 1980. Both of them had accepted Jesus as their Savior when they were children and grew in their desire to serve the Lord. Having felt God’s call on his life, Bob left the commercial art field in Chicago, moved his family to Michigan in 1972 and became a part of Rural Bible Mission (now known as RBM Ministries). They trained under the leadership of RBM Ministries for eight years before beginning the ministry of God’s Helping Hands. Using their unique talents of chalk art, storytelling and puppetry, Bob and Shirley traveled for many years to present the Gospel in churches, camps, Christian schools, nursing homes and a variety of other venues.

Bob was the president and visionary of GHH until his homegoing in 2016. Shirley is in charge of the discipleship club and enjoys communicating with her students.