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Chris, Amber, Kylie, and Elliana Knobloch,  Juliana Carlson, and Nicole Bielawski

In 2006, God melded together a very unique team specially equipped to serve in God’s Helping Hands. Chris and Amber Knobloch and their friends, Juliana Carlson and Nicole Bielawski, volunteered to fill one summer’s worth of programs. Amber had grown up in the ministry traveling with her parents, Jeff and Robin Awe. In fact, she represented the third generation involved in God’s Helping Hands so she was able to help their “pinch-hitting” team adapt to the format. Little did they know on Memorial Weekend that by Labor Day Weekend they would all four separately feel called of the Lord to make this work their full-time mission. Since that time, God has added two daughters, Kylie and Elliana, to Chris and Amber’s family, making this a team of six.  All four adults are puppeteers (the little girls are eager to learn), but all four also have integral parts to play in the office.

Juli handles most of the multi-media needs of the ministry, publishing advertising, developing multi-media presentations, and maintaining website content. 

Nicole uses her creativity in the art department painting stages and building puppets. 

Amber has her hands full as a wife and mother of two, but still manages to find time to assist in many areas of the ministry including costuming and chalk presentations.

Chris writes the material for the ministry – scripts for puppets and development of Bible stories. He also manages the ministry’s music needs. 

Together they are an amalgamation of creativity – and better yet, they get along! And that’s an important thing when you travel together representing Christ!