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  • Aaron's Sharin's

    Hi! My name is Aaron and I'm going to tell you about the most fun things I did this summer. First, I went on a motorcycle ride with a pastor. And then, I went fishing in a motorboat. I had lot of fun with Uncle Jeff and Caleb  ... Full Story »
  • Summer Time at the Office

    The discipleship desk is one very busy place.Shirley daily receives mail from the kids!They not only return their quiz page but they send notes, pictures of themselves, along with pictures they draw and questions!The questions  ... Full Story »
  • Life on the Road

    After the bus is all packed with both equipment and the personal items needed for almost three months on the road, we pull out of the driveway ready for the first week of ministry. Once we arrive, the bus has to be leveled and  ... Full Story »
  • Hitting the Road with GHH

    Summer 2012 Kicks Off with a Vacation Bible School and a Camp June came on schedule again this year, and with it came the launch of God’s Helping Hands’ brand new series Truth Travelers.Jeff and Robin Awe and their  ... Full Story »
  • Looking for Conversions

    Team Sees Potential for Ministry Expansion with the Opening of Bus Conversion Project Traveling for 10-12 weeks in a mini-van pulling a trailer can be a challenging adventure -- especially when you’ve blended families and ... Full Story »

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