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Katie Stowe

In 2019, God’s Helping Hands invited Katie to be a part of their team as the Technical & Communications Coordinator. Katie heard about God’s Helping Hands through the Awe family and she and her family have actively participated in volunteering at GHH’s programs during the summer.


Passionate as well as technically and artistically skill-oriented, Katie loves troubleshooting and being creative. Her role at God’s Helping Hands is to manage in-office technical needs, working with the website, upgrading and maintaining vital technical tools and helping each team member perform their duties as easily as they can!


As a young girl, Katie became a Christian and grew up in the church and a Christ-centered family. She has nine siblings and says, “There’s never a dull moment!”


“My loving and supportive family helped me be creative and explore the gifts God has given me. I have always loved figuring things out and looking at life positively as a way to grow and learn more about my Creator and how to better glorify Him!”


Katie’s favorite hobbies are painting, sketching, playing piano, listening to music, and technical art such as projection mapping and filmmaking.